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Do you have a fur baby in your family? Our chocolate Labrador Archer doesn’t get as many walks or as much attention as he used to pre-kids. That’s why we LOVE Unity park because it has a dog park for the dogs and a playground for the kids. Both are fully fenced (so you don’t need to worry about toddlers running away) and it’s the perfect whole family outing – dad with the dog and mum with the kids (or vice versa). Just make sure you don’t take your dog into the kids playground area.


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Sheltered picnic tables are within the playground area, and there’s a BBQ just outside the fence. The kids can enjoy plenty of equipment and space to move, and so much lush green grass to run around on or have a picnic. You’ll also find a lake and ducks to feed, and it’s a great bike riding spot.


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This is definitely a park we’ll be visiting more often to make sure our 5 year dog and 3 year old daughter get a chance to expel their energy!

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