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TIDC Performing Arts Studio

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Official READY SET DANCE location for: Golden Grove, West Croydon & Elizabeth

A one hour combo class of jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and a whole lot of fun!

TIDC Performing Arts Studio is proud to be an official READY SET DANCE location. READY SET DANCE was the winner of the award for Best National Activity for pre-schoolers in 2018. READY SET DANCE the TV show launched on Nick Jnr on January 21st! Pre-schoolers are able to dance along at home to their favourite songs from dance class.

The program focuses on developing the 3 C’s for pre-schoolers. This year offering classes in both Level 1 & Level 2 Ready Set Dance Programs.

Cost: $150 per term plus $25 registration

Let your pre-schooler to experience the magic of Ready Set Dance at one of the below TIDC locations.

Golden Grove Recreation Centre & Golden Grove High School
Monday 9.30-10.30am Lev 1
Monday 10-45-11.45am Lev 2
Monday 4-5pm Level 1 / 2 FULL
Saturday 9-10am Level 1 / 2

Unit 4, 183 Phillip Highway, Elizabeth.
Monday 10-45-11.45am Lev 1/2
Wednesday 9.30-10.30am Level 1
Wednesday 10-45-11.45am Level 2
Wednesday 4-5pm Lev 1 / 2
Saturday 9-10am Lev 1 / 2

West Croydon Port Road: 593 Port Road, West Croydon
Monday 4-5pm Lev 1 / 2
Tuesday 4-5pm Level 1 / 2
Saturday 9-10am Level 1
Saturday 10.15-11.15am Lev 2


TIDC offer a trial class so you can see the magic of the program before you need to take any further steps signing up. Please register your interest before your first class by emailing

More information, enquiries and RSD Enrolment form visit

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