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Lake Bumbunga – The Pink Lake

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Head about 2 hours north from Adelaide, around 25 minutes from Port Wakefield and you’ll find the striking pink of Lake Bumbunga cutting through the scenery.

Lake Bumbunga is made up of three salt pans which have been harvested for over 30 years for use in swimming pools, water softener and of course fish and chips! It’s name is reportedly derived from the Parnpangka people (local indigenous) term for ‘rain water lake’.

Tips for your visit

Stop in at Jitter Bean Oasis cafe Unfortunately it was closed when we were there (they’ve just returned from holidays) but after doing a bit of searching I’ve been reading they serve up a pretty mean lunch! Lots of homemade fare, pies, frittatas, lasagne as well as take home packs for travellers, espresso coffee, hot chocolate and a range of cold drinks. It’s got some great reviews on Trip Advisor so sounds like it’s well worth a visit. 

Take your sunscreen, hat and definitely sunglasses. It’s pretty bright and glary.

Do not drive on the lake! It’s for your feet only…..and you’ll probably end up on the list of people who have tried it and ended up bogged.

Take some waterproof shoes, and probably not thongs for kids. You can walk out quite far on the salt lake but it’s pretty hard and sharp under foot. I was ok to walk in thongs but my four year old couldn’t manage the shallow water in hers so ended up wearing her sneakers. If you’ve got some old sneakers or some of those jelly shoes pack them.

Do some photo research before you go and take your good camera. You can take some really cool perspective photos (think people standing on heads and in hands) My lame attempt is below but if I’d planned it a bit better we could have taken some props and got some cool shots.

See if you can find the Loch Eel Monster (visible from Highway 1) – apparently been there since the 70’s and made from rubber tyres, make for a cool pic!

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  1. Martha

    08/04/2018 at 1:27 PM

    Wow Cindy, thanks for the advice. Jeofery and I will be sure to take the kids there next August. Say hi to the family for me. Xox

  2. Sahan

    14/02/2019 at 5:23 PM

    Thanks for the great post! Btw, is there a specific entrance to Lake Bumbunga? All the entrances were closed when we went there 🙁

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