Follow these easy steps to make your own homemade rollups from 100% fruit! We make these a few times a year and have 100% fruit rollups every couple of days to take to kindy/school – the kids LOVE them!

This morning I headed to one of my favourite Adelaide places  – the Central Markets. I usually buy whatever is in season and on special and today I picked up a few extra mangoes and fresh apricots to try my hand at making fruit rollups.

I’d seen a post recently about making these here ( ) and they didn’t look too hard, so I thought I’d try it out. They were super easy, are very tasty and I love knowing that I’m feeding my kids 100% fruit with these great snacks!

So I basically followed the steps in the link above, which include:

  • remove fruit from 2 mangoes & puree well in food processor
  • remove stone from 4 very ripe apricots and puree these well too, keeping the 2 purees separate, but you could definitely mix them or use other fruit too
  • pour puree onto a sheet of baking paper placed on an oven tray
  • spread as thinly as possible with a flat object. You can see in the pics I used a broken old school ruler – cleaned of course! (I spread it approximately 2mls thick but next time I’d make it 3-4mls as I think it would be better and make a thicker, juicer rollup and would probably take an hour or so more in the oven.)
  • place tray in the oven at 70degrees Celcius for 4-7 hours depending on fruit and thickness. I checked mine every 45mins or so after the first 3 hours and mine took 5 hours.
  • Peel the fruit rollup off the baking paper if it’s a little sticky still, and either roll up again in the paper or cut to desired size/shape! A few of my pieces were too thin and went slightly too crisp to roll up but I just ripped them into pieces and they still taste great – they just dont have that same rollable texture, but were still gobbled up by the 3 kids who have tried them!

I have made these now with mango, strawberry and pear, strawberry, apricots and more – they are all delicious. If you choose hard fruits like apple you can cook them for a while first and then puree them up 🙂


rollups1       rollups2