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Heywood Park – Brand New Playground coming in 2018

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Cutting-edge technology and a new playground will be installed at Heywood Park in 2018 thanks to more than $400,000 of Federal and State Government funding.

The City of Unley has secured a $264,000 Smart Cities and Suburbs Grant from the Federal Government to integrate smart technology at Heywood Park, improving safety and usability of the popular park and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

It is also the recipient of $150,000 from the State Government’s Fund My Neighbourhood initiative for a mini ninja obstacle course in the park.

Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne said installation of revolutionary technology would make Heywood Park the testing ground for ‘intelligent’ parks in South Australia. “The mini ninja obstacle course not only caters for ‘tweens’ but provides a fitness-based outdoor activity in a beautiful location,” she said.

We will be keeping a VERY close eye on this one and can’t wait to see the finished product!

With a HUGE open, grassed area, Heywood Park Playground has room for picnics and play. There’s also toilet facilities, a bbq area and parking. It is a really lovely park in a quiet location and has plenty of trees to keep you sheltered from the sun. The park has two playgrounds, one is smaller and more suitable for younger children while the other playground is much larger and has equipment higher up. Great for adventures!

Things to know:

  • There’s not a lot of shade provided for the playground equipment
  • The playground area is not fenced
  • There are huge big branches that are used as borders around different sections of the park and kids LOVE to use these as balancing beams and natural climbing structures
  • The park is very close to King William Road where you can hit plenty of cafe’s, eateries and shops
  • Top spot for a birthday party!

Heywood Park Playground


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