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Clay Tree People

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Here’s a cute little activity great for all ages. And particularly great for Autumn time in Adelaide where there are all those gorgeous coloured leaves around to collect and use.

We scavenged our local park (in our raincoats and gumboots which made it even more fun) and found a basket full of sticks, leaves, berries and other natural “ingredients” to make our faces.

Finding our bits and pieces.

Then all you’ll need is a nice flat tree trunk to make your clay forest face. If you’re lucky enough to have some nice big trees in your own backyard lucky you! If not, just make sure you get natural clay, and you can make your tree faces at the local park and leave them there.

All you need is…

  1. A basket full of goodies collected from your backyard, local park, Nanna’s garden……wherever you can find them.
  2. Some non toxic air dry clay. You can get this online from somewhere like Officeworks, or just pop into your local pottery supplies or art/craft store and ask them.

Then all you do is…

Using a tree trunk as your canvas, get busy building your forest face….or whole body using the clay and your natural bits and pieces.

Parents, stand back and just let your kids work on this alone. It’s amazing what they’ll come up with when they’re left to it.

Thanks to Carlene’s Cubbyhouse for the inspo for this one.

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