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I’m a mum to 3-year-old Elka Scout, 1 year old Spencer and our 3rd baby is due early next year. I’m passionate about travel, Milo, reading and exercise. I work full time as a teacher so I also love learning about all things education too! Things that inspire me include….amazing mums who seem to do it all, people who can laugh at themselves, and people who can wear skinny leg jeans AND eat dinner without needing to undo a button. Actually, just people who can get skinny leg jeans over their calves.

I am a contributor to various sections of the Kids in Adelaide website, particularly the Sneakers and Sippy Cups section and the Events Calendar. Currently I live in Adelaide with my lovely husband, and I’ve previously lived in Jakarta (playing volleyball), Canberra, Broome and Perth. I’ve been lucky enough to be friends with Julie and Roxy for a loooonng time and we’ve shared lots and lots of laughs over the years (usually about quite juvenile and inappropriate things!). I’m really excited about KiA as it’s a place where we can share information with you, and also build a community of “sharers.” Rox, Jules and I adore Adelaide and hope that you will help us promote all the wonderful things the city, and surrounding areas, have to offer.


I’m a work from home mum with my own graphic design business. My daughter Winnie is 5. She goes to kindy 3 days a week and family day care 1 days a week, which has been wonderful (we have THE single best FDC in the whole wide world), which has allowed me to go back to work. I learned VERY quickly that trying to work with a child at your feet, hanging off your arm or climbing over your back is NOT very constructive!

I also have another baby of the dog variety. His name is Frank David and you’ll probably see him pop up here and there on our website and social media. He’s very handsome and he knows it.

When we’re not saving for holidays, my little family of 3 are GOING on holidays. That’s what we love doing the most. Winnie already has five stamps in her passport, and quite a few interstate trips under her belt. Dad the surfer, also makes sure we also spend lots of time at the beach together.

Oh and I am definitely partial to a glass of rose and cheese platter on the weekends, and I have a rather large sneaker collection.

I love South Oz, and I love watching this website grow as we bring you all the best things to do and see with your kids in Adelaide and beyond.


I’m a mum of two boys – aged 3 and 5 – and am super lucky to spend most of my time hanging out with them. In my ‘spare time’ I also work part time, study online and play women’s baseball (yep, baseball, not softball). Our family LOVE being active and I spend the majority of my days with the kids bike riding, walking, running, swimming or playing games outside. Oh and drinking coffee… I love coffee…

I enjoy simple things like picking and eating vegetables fresh from the veggie patch, finding new playgrounds to explore or taking the kids ‘adventuring’ in one of many great local parks around the Adelaide Hills.

Apart from my family, my other love is travel and we have been lucky enough to continue to travel since having our kids – across SA, Australia and we have even seen some of the world with the two in tow. Luckily it seems that our little people like travel as much as their parents! While I’ve lived around the world and across Australia in the past 20 years, Adelaide was, and always will be ‘home’, having grown up and lived here most of my life.

Having great friends like Roxy & Fleur to share the wonderful places and sights of Adelaide with helps make this city the best place in the world & I love sharing some of that local information with you all here on Kids in Adelaide!


If you’re an advertiser with us here at Kids in Adelaide chances are you’ve spoken to the lovely Diana either via phone or email.

Im a mum of 3 beautiful kids under 9, with two boys and a girl and all have gorgeous personalities that shine at the right times. I run my own Sales and Marketing business from home which allows me to be around my children but also work with some great clients. The most important thing I have learnt from being a working mum is a work – life – family balance which I keep at the back of my mind, and this helps me feel balanced and in control.

I love being outside and doing the simple things like the gardening, checking out local parks with the kids, just visiting local attractions and during the warmer months heading up north to the beaches and trying to get some extra vitamin d and colour.

In my past time I love reading and watching documentaries on a wide range on topics, and with a bowl of M&M’s in one hand a cup of tea in the other, im set!!! My love of shopping has also increased with the discovery of online shopping, which works so well during the colder seasons, and I can say it is under control.

Being part of the advertising team at Kids In Adelaide, I love connecting with businesses in Adelaide and helping them find different advertising platforms to reach and target their ideal clients, through our advertising packages that Kids in Adelaide have worked so hard on building. The team is so warm, loving and caring, that I could not have wished for a better group of ladies to work with.

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