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Top 10 things to do with toddlers in Adelaide

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1. Playgrounds

  1. Bonython Park
  2. Princess Elizabeth Playground
  3. Tusmore Park Playground & Pool

2. Plaster funhouse

A good one for 3 years+, the venues at Brighton and Unley are also good for tweens, birthday parties and a GREAT way to spend a few hours out of the sun or rain. Perfect all year round and a nice way for the kids to get creative.

3. Nature and Animals:

4. Museums:

5. Pools:

6. Children’s Storybook Trail, Carrick Hill

Carrick Hill1

7. Bridgewater Fairy Garden


8. Trains and Trams

Morphett Vale Mini Railway

Semaphore Mini Railway

National Railway Museum

City-Bay Tram ride

9. Adelaide Central Markets

Central Markets

10. Beach Play




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