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If you have kids under 5 and haven’t been to Tin Lids Play Cafe Adelaide on North East Road, Klemzig, then you’ll be glad to hear about them now before all this cold weather finishes. We headed to Tin Lids bright and early on a cold and rainy day recently and about 8 others were there at opening as well! Tin Lids have a great setup that I really enjoyed – including two separate areas for smaller (under 3yrs) and bigger kids. Each play area has its own seating and viewing area for parents. (I found this great for our family, but its possible that others wouldn’t like it if two children insist on playing in opposite areas as it’s not really possible to closely supervise kids in both areas at the same time). Because we were there on a school day, the other kids were 0-4 year olds too so it wasn’t too noisy or crowded with older kids (which was great for my 3 and 1 year olds!). They both ended up spending most of their time on the ‘big kids’ play area which was ok since there weren’t many other kids on it, but wouldn’t work out so well for the 1 year old if there had been a bunch of bigger kids! Mr 3 even made a little friend while there, playing on the mini ‘flying fox’ and chasing each other through the equipment all morning. Virtually all the surfaces are padded except the slide itself, so even the most active kids will keep safe! There are loads of tables for mum and dad to have a coffee and relax while watching the kids. Here are some photos from the ‘big kids’ play area:

The little kids (under 3) have their own smaller, age appropriate play area too – complete with padded stairs and a small slide which the 1-3 year olds were having a ball on when we went. In another little area there was an additional smaller slide again, cubby and play area. The little kids section has lots of ‘ride/sit on’ toys, activity centres and other play equipment to entertain the younger members of the family – mine loved it and spent about an hour there before making their way back to the big kids section!

Overall we had a great time at Tin Lids Play Cafe Adelaide and would definitely recommend it. The play equipment is great, with lots of options for kids of different ages. The cafe has HEAPS of great meal, drink and snack options – including lots of healthy options at good prices! The bathrooms were large, clean and have a baby change table.

Hints: Make sure you ring and check there is room before you head in, or if wanting to take a group.

Where? Tin Lids Play Cafe is located at 358 North East Rd, Klemzig SA 5087

Parties: Click HERE for great value party info.


Phone: 8369 1677

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