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Things we do when Mum’s not around

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My wife goes alright, but there’s still a few things it’s better she doesn’t know.

  • Sometimes I give them a raspberry cordial when she only likes them to drink water
  • When we play the “throw me up in the air” game, when Mum’s watching, we always go just that liiiiiiiitle bit higher
  • I purposely dress them in the daggiest, most mismatched clothes they have because I know it annoys her
  • I encourage them to wee in the shower
  • I let our eldest stay up late and watch the footy with me when she goes out with her friends
  • I let them lie on their tummies in the bath and kick their feet until the bathroom is covered in water
  • When we go to Bunnings we also stop at the coffee shop and get a giant caramel milkshake
  • We rock out to Accadacca super loud in the lounge room & head bang (she knows about this one, but we only do it when she’s not home)
  • I teach them how to breakdance
  • I have put them on the grass and washed poo off their bums with a hose (only when it’s warm, promise)
  • I smile on the inside when she tells me they’ve been naughty at the shops, just stop going shopping, love!
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