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The Gums Reserve Tranmere

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After an arvo walk around Morialta Falls this afternoon we drove past The Gums Reserve and had to stop and check it out. It’s a huge big great grassy space surrounded by beautiful great big old gum trees and has Sunday picnic written all over it.

The park features a fully fenced toddler playground with wheelchair access, a basketball court and some workout equipment, but kids will get the most fun running around in the open space, climbing over the large tree trunks that are scattered around, and playing under the huge trees.

It’s a fantastic spot for a kids birthday party with lots of grassy and shady spaces as well as BBQ areas, picnic tables and even a couple of log cabins to shelter under if the weather turns on you. There are also clean toilets available.

The Reserve extends across Shakespeare Avenue to a naturally grassed area that follows Third Creek. Great for family nature walk.

Definitely worth a look next time your East side or after a birthday party, picnic venue with loads of shady space.

The Gums Reserve

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