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Take the Kids to the next Adelaide Strikers match

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If you haven’t experienced sport at Adelaide Oval yet, an Adelaide Strikers Big Bash League (BBL) and Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) a is a great excuse for a family night out.

There are plenty of home ground opportunities for you to catch the Strikers in action this season

I’ve taken my 6 year old daughter and 16 year old nephew to quite a few games now and both of them LOVE it. It’s all over and done with in about 3 hours, so although it does make for a late night out for the young ones, if you can talk them into an arvo nap before you go, they’ll be too distracted by the action to remember they’re tired.

Kid Zone

As well as the cricket action, there are fireworks, dancers, music and a kids zone making it a night suitable for the whole family. General admission starts from just $5 and if you’re on a budget you’re more than welcome to bring your own food and unopened drinks. (and actually I would recommend doing just that to avoid the lines and a wallet blow out spent on fast food)

Below are a few tips we’ve come up with to help you make the most of your night.

  1. Get there early
    Check the Adelaide Strikers website for match times and get there at least an hour early for the BBL match to find a carpark and a good seat. If your kids are up for a double header be sure to get there for the WBBL matches that are normally on around mid afternoon (before the night game) or if you have younger kids who might not be up for staying up late, take them to the arvo game instead.
  2. Find a good spot.
    The sun can be a bit of an issue on the Eastern side of the oval, especially if it’s been a hot day. I’d suggest entering at south gate (closest to the train station) and sitting down that end as the sun is freaking scorching on the eastern stand even at 7-8pm! If you can’t sit in the southern end then just as close to that end as possible (furthest away from The Hill and scoreboard end)
    There are a number of places suitable for wheelchairs in various locations both in members and corporate levels
    and also spots available for pram parking. But once again get there early if you need one of these.
  3. Get Merch-ed
    There’s heaps of free merchandise given away at the front gates pre-match, another reason to get there early and score yourself a crazy wig, flashing glasses and of course a 6 and 4 sign to hold up.
  4. Check out the FREE Kids Zone
    Opens at 5pm with facepainting, practice nets, jumping castle and other kids rides it’s worth a stop.


    Kid Zone

  5. Wear Blue!
    The Strikers are blue, so get your blue gear out and join the sea of blue that pack the seats to support our team.
  6. Avoid the chicken nuggets!
    There are plenty of food stations located all around the oval, but just trust me on this one, don’t get the nuggets! (sorry Adelaide Oval, the venue is amazing, but the nuggets are atrocious!) As I mentioned, we find it much easier to feed the kids before we go, and then just bring our own snacks and a bottle of water. It’s only 3 hours so you don’t have to pack a lot, but we all know how handy a packet of sultanas can be for a child up past their bedtime!

Even if you’re not a cricket fan, the BBL/WBBL is a great night out with the kids and the Adelaide Oval is spectacular in the evening, well worth it and I very much recommend it.


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