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Sutherland Park, Glenelg South

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The Holdfast council have used this space well and have been able to fit in a lot using a small space for a little local playground. Located between Bath and Boundary Road this little play area was buzzing when we arrived with a kids birthday party. The play equipment was full of kids of a variety of ages but is probably more suited to early school ages kids.

It has a few pieces of equipment to cater for toddlers such as a baby/toddler ,some bouncy animals and a few of the smaller climbing pieces . Amongst the equipment the kids can climb the stairs and reach a double yellow slippery dip ,loads of climbing pieces including a mini rock climbing wall, monkey bars and stand up rope swings and a mini stand up spinning wheel.

The reserve also features a tennis court , grassed area for the kids to run around, trees and shrub and a small under cover BBQ area with picnic table and toilets. This area is only suitable for a small gathering if the weather turned bad. The play equipment area has NO shade and the reserve is fully fenced.

A nice little local park suitable for a quick play or run around in you live in the area.In need of a coffee or food the Dulwich Bakery is just around the corner in Partridge St.

66 Bath St Glenelg South

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