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Susan Grace Benny Reserve

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The Susan Grace Benny Reserve in Seacliff Park is a really nice little playground and it’s FULLY FENCED! Yay! The playground is on Mott Terrace in Seacliff Park and it’s worth checking out the great history of Susan Grace Benny as her story is really interesting (she married her cousin, had 5 children, worked in politics, argued for equality of divorce for women, fought for the allocation of land for playgrounds around Brighton, and re-married a man 20 years younger than her.)

Anyway, here are some of the playground’s great features:

  • Large grassed area, ideal for kids to play games, kick the footy or for you to set up shade cover for a party
  • Fully fenced playground with 2 gates
  • Low play equipment, ideal for toddlers
  • Monkey bars and other high equipment is hard for toddlers to get to, but great for older kids (perfect!)
  • There are no toilets at the reserve
  • The playground isn’t shaded with shade sails, but there is a lovely tree inside the playground to rest, breastfeed, park the pram or enjoy a snack
  • There is no allocated carpark BUT there is plenty of street parking around the reserve, and it’s a very quiet area
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