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St Patrick’s Day activities

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Happy St Patrick’s Day! If you’re looking for some fun activities to do at home with the kids, then check out the link below for some great ideas! You can also find a link to these great activities through the Quirky Mommas Facebook page.

Some of the activities I love are:

  • The footprint four-leaf clover (might want to do this one outside!)

  • St Patrick’s Oobleck (I have to admit that I LOVE oobleck so this one is an automatic must do for me! This can get a bit messy too so either do this outside or put down some newspaper to catch any oobleck messes.)

  • Four Leaf Clover Paper Craft (although when I made this it was a bit of an epic fail the first time, so be prepared to have spare paper around!)






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I'm a mum to two little girls, Elka and Spencer and a new baby, Gus. I'm a school teacher, sport lover and Milo addict. I don't particularly like blue tongue lizards even though I know they keep snakes away.

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