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St Georges Ave Reserve Glandore

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Located right next door to the Glandore Kindy you could alomost miss this little playground if you did not know it was there. That would be a shame. Lucky we love a challenge and found this little beauty. As soon as I entered the gate of this playground I just loved the vibe. I could hear the kids playing next door at the Kindy and could see that this space catered for the toddlers and junior primary kids. The toddlers have lots of grass to run around on and a variety of things to keep them happy and entertained. The favourite bouncy animals, sand pit, the 4 seat bouncy sea saw and swing set are just a few.

The park features lost of climbing pieces including a rock climbing wall, metal climbing frame and stairs. It also has a few games the kids can play whilst up at the top of the frame. Great news is there are a lot of metal bars at the top of the frame to avoid kids falling down. There are also a few kids games to play once up the top.

The stand out feature of this playground is the choice of slides. Yes Choice. What kids don’t like options. All bright blue the kids can either go down the tubular slide , or try the curly slide or race each other off on the triple slide. There are so many slides and lucky all have squishy floors to land on. The park has lots of lawn and a lovely shrubs and trees around the edges that kids can explore.

The park is FULLY FENCED , has street parking , SHADE cloth over the equipment but NO Toilets. It has a few seats scattered around the park but no picnic tables or BBQS.

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