With an additional $26.5m funding for the upgrade this amazing NEW recreation and play space will provide awesome experiences for locals and visitors. The revitalised precinct is a huge win for families and we are pleased to let you know Stage One is now finished and OPEN

Stage One features a fabulous brand new 6 court basketball stadium, a dedicated indoor roller skate area ( this even makes me smile, as a kid I LOVED rollerskating) , indoor function space , a new indoor café and stadium gymnasium.

Stage Two is currently in works and just sounds AWESOME. We here at Kids in Adelaide are really excited to see this play area finished. Once completed the playground and facilities will be one of the largest play areas developed in our city. How lucky are we. The play space will feature nature play along with all access play areas. We are really pleased to hear this as we are BIG fans of play spaces that allow all abilities to play together. A new skate park will also be installed along with 6 tennis courts and 1 futsal court. What is a futsal court I hear some of you say ? Futsal is a type of soccer that is played indoors. In this case it will be an outside futsal court with a hard surface. Lets just call it a soccer court for old times sake. The area will also see new recreation areas along with new BBQ and picnic facilities.

We will keep you updated when Stage Two Opens

Image Credits : YMCA St Clair