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Spruance Playground, Elizabeth East

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Spruance Playground in Elizabeth East is a beautiful, clean and well maintained park with plenty of adult seating, bbq facilities and a filtered water fountain for drinking.

It includes 4 different types of swings (A baby seat, your regular flat swing, a harnessed swing and a nest swing).

Older children will enjoy Spruance Playground’s large climbing net (with a slide coming off the netting), 2 individual trampolines at ground level and lots of natural climbing logs and large stepping stones.

There’s also a grassed area with small hills to run up and down or roll down. There is also a blackboard so don’t forget to bring the chalk!

Just behind the Spruance Playground is access to a community tennis court and basketball court (you’ll need to bring your own sports gear to play though).

There are bbq facilities, shade and ample parking -plus a deli across the road should you want to grab a drink, snack or some lunch. The only downfall is that there are no toilets nearby.

Spruance playground is located on the corner of Spruance Road and Midway Road, Elizabeth East.

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