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Southbank Boulevard Reserve

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Southbank Boulevard Reserve, Sheidow Park is a wonderful park for kids parties and toddler fun. The surrounding streets are fairly quiet, and there is an amazing view from the playground over the ocean. Just beautiful!

Features include:

  • Seasaw, swing set, climbing equipment, multiple slides
  • Fenced playground area (toddlers won’t be able to open the gates, but they are easily opened by older kids so keep an eye out)
  • The ‘triple slide’ is quite steep and has weird plastic ridges on it so keep an eye on that if you have smaller children
  • Three barbeque and shaded areas
  • The playground is not shaded, but there are plenty of trees around it to relax under. One tree shades part of the playground near the seasaw, which makes it a nice place to sit and watch the kids play or breastfeed
  • Toilets right next to the playground
  • Large grassed area for kids to play and run
  • Plenty of street parking, but no allocated carpark
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