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South Terrace Glover Playground

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Another fully fenced park in the city, this South Terrace playground is located near the Unley/Pulteney Road intersection of the parklands.


Well equiped and better suited for slightly older kids than the one a few blocks West, this playground includes a good sized, seated flying fox, numerous toddler and regular swings, slides for all ages and spring rockers. It also has a sizable climbing net for older kids, a rock climbing wall, sandpits and importantly, is home to one of the few wheelchair friendly ‘liberty swings’, which we love.


Other features include toilets, tables, water fountain and covered areas. Most of the play equipment is not fully shaded. Outside the large, fenced playground there are numerous playing fields and a basketball court.


Open: All hours, toilet opening hours vary. Liberty Swing requires code/key which can be obtained Mon-Fri 8:30-5:30pm by calling 82037203.

Glover Terrace liberty swing

Best Suits: wheelchair or other special needs children, and 4-10 year olds

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