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Souter Park Goodwood

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Souter Park Goodwood is a lovely little playground and park area on the corner of Albert and Hardy Streets in Goodwood. The fully enclosed playground equipment is ideal for younger families from crawlers to 5years, while the wide open play areas just outside the fenced area is great for any age to run and play.

Inside the fenced area is a ‘littlies’ playground with slide, ‘lookout’, ramps, steps, and sandpit area. There is another slightly larger slide above the huge sandpit area, 2 baby swings, see saw, and larger sandpit play equipment best suited for 3-7yrs. Virtually all of the equipment is shaded and there is a kids sized bench seat and table within the fenced area.

Outside the fenced area are toilets, soccer goals, 2 swings, numerous shaded and unshaded benches and tables and 3 bbqs. It can be a popular spot on the weekends, but if you don’t get one of the tables, there are many large shade trees to sit under when it’s warm.


Souter Park


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