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Sensory Santa in Adelaide

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SCREAMING. SCARED. SENSORY OVERLOAD. All these things shouldn’t be associated with Santa but sometimes they are for sensitive little souls. The music is too loud, the crowds to noisy, the lines too long, the lights too bright and then the Santa experience turns into meltdown and the magic experience is gone…. sound familiar?

Thanks to several organisations Sensory Santa is becoming a great choice from 9-5 Santa and allowing the magic to happen when it needs a little help.

Kids in Adelaide have done the work to provide you updates on where Sensory Santa’s will be and when! Check out this page for continuous updates as we find them.

Elizabeth City Centre

Elizabeth City Centre returns with 8 sessions of “Sensory Santa” for families with special needs. Presented by Sensory Santa. Sensory Santa offers, no lines or queues, no background music, run at a quieter time. Get in quick, as locations full up fast.

Westfield West Lakes (Next to Target)

Westfield Marion (Centre Court)

Westfield Tea Tree Plaza (Centre Court level 2)

You can stop by the Christmas Wonderland at the Westfield Centres before surrounding stores open, so everyone can enjoy their special moment with Santa in a comfortable and calm environment. Book your Santa photo time slot online and skip the queue. Children that meet Santa and have a photo taken with him will receive a wearable gift, either a cute reindeer or elf headband.

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