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Seacliff Park Playground {Gully Road North Reserve}

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The recently completed Gully Road North Reserve Playground at Seacliff Park is so good! It’s a terrific location, with a beautiful winding creek bed of Gilbertson Gully to follow on one side, and the O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park on the other! There is still some work to be done on the grass next to the playground, but the basketball ring and playground are able to be used.

What are it’s features?

Large climbing frame


Bbq area

Basket swing


Shade from trees, but not directly over climbing frame area

Basketball court area

Water play area

Sand pit area- with a digger you guys!!


Nature gully walk (head north down Gilbertson Gully and across the road, then the path takes you along the creek bed. It’s so fun!)

You can ride south up the hill towards O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park where there are loads of bike tracks or walking trails

Off-street parking available

What doesn’t it have?

The playground is not fenced and it’s not that close to coffee, but the playground has quite a bit of space around it and the roads either side are not terrible busy

Between Gully Road and John Street, Seacliff Park (turn East down Thomas or Arthur Street from Brighton Road and you’ll find it easily).

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