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School Holiday Fun at Motor, Migration and Maritime Museums!

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School Holidays at the National Motor Museum – GooRoo Animation – Make Your Own Movies!

27 & 28 April 2019 | 11am – 3pm
FREE with Museum admission (bookings preferred)
Are you the next Steven Spielberg? Visit the National Motor Museum this school holidays and find out!
GooRoo Animation Claymation workshops will teach you about what goes into making a film, giving you a behind the scenes glimpse into producing an animated movie at a professional level. Be inspired by the vehicles on display, and create your own plasticine characters to be the star of the show!
Movies will be filmed and put together using the Stop Motion Studio App available on mobile devices. They will then be uploaded to YouTube via the GooRoo Animation Workshops channel so you can share them with all your friends and family. The workshop is designed to inspire and provide the knowledge and tools to start making at home.

Shannon Street, Birdwood

School Holidays at the Migration Museum – Make a Snowdome

15-18 April 2019 | 11am Monday – Thursday
$10 ages 5 to 12
Which country in the world  would you like to visit? What would you like to bring home? What images inspire you? Maybe badges, spoons, fridge magnets or snow domes?
These holidays visit the Migration Museum to see the latest exhibition Greetings From…the Power of Souvenirs. Discover the stories behind treasured keepsakes from around the world, be inspired by the weird and wonderful items on display, and craft your very own snow dome of memories. Participants also have the opportunity to create and email a postcard to a friend.
Cost: $10 per participant – the museum will supply all the materials you need
Bookings preferred >

82 Kintore Avenue, Adelaide

School Holidays at the South Australian Maritime Museum – Survivor

April 16-28 (excluding Good Friday) | 10am to 3pm
$6 per child includes the lighthouse (bookings not required). Ages 7-16.
Calling young adventurers! Through shipwreck, tempest, scurvy and storm – can you survive the age of sail?
Collect your survival kit, board our sailing ship and the challenge begins. Find the clues to survive: navigate your way through the museum and decode the messages. Can you tie the rope to hold the sail? Can you tend to your fellow sailors wounds? Who will survive the age of sail?

126 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide

History Mystery at the Migration Museum

April 16-28 (excluding Good Friday) daily | 10am – 4pm
Ages 5-12
Someone or something has been lost in the halls of the Migration Museum! Join them during the holidays to help solve the puzzle of the lost museum items. Visit the front foyer for your trusty Detective Trail and then use your wits to solve the mystery. Young visitors will be rewarded with a prize on completion of their detective work

Chatterbox at the Migration Museum

April 16-28 (excl Good Friday) daily | 10am – 4pm daily
FREE ages 3+
Join us at the Migration Museum to make a paper origami ‘chatterbox’. Children will fold and shape their own chatterbox with help from the museum guides and have fun seeing what their paper creation will reveal.

Migration Museum: 82 Kintore Avenue, Adelaide

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