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SA Police SAPOL Road safety centre

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The SA Police, SAPOL Road Safety Centre at Thebarton Police Barracks just near the Bonython Park kiosk and playground area, offers traffic education programs and road safety presentations to schools, businesses and community groups.

Young cyclists and inexperienced riders can learn about road and traffic safety, and practise their riding skills in a safe environment. The mock roadway helps children to become familiar with:

  • correct road signage
  • pedestrian safety
  • road rules.

The roadway includes:

  • an intersection with traffic lights
  • pedestrian crossings
  • a roundabout
  • traffic signs.

The mock road at this Adelaide bike safety parks is available for community use on weekends and after 3pm on weekdays (including school holidays). It is available free of charge but you need to bring your own bike and helmet.

Once the kids tire of the safety centre, they can ride past the Police horses (signs indicate you need to take care and don’t feed or pat them) and over to the awesome Bonython Park Playground and kiosk – always a winner with its nature based play areas and cool new equipment.

Please note that the nearest toilets are located a few hundred metres away – out the Northern gate and at the edge of the oval towards the Bonython Park playground. Also, the mock traffic lights are not in operation after hours and cannot be turned on using the phone number on the control box. If the ‘DO NOT ENTER’ signs are up, please do not use the mock roadway as it is booked for a session. Call 8207 4668 to check availability.

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