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SA Base Camp is now open for kids aged 4yrs +.

With 2 brand new course designed to replicate the show Ninja Warrior, it is sure to put their Ninja skills to the test.

Base Camp Ninja Kids has all the famous obstacles from the Quintuple Steps to the notorious Warped Wall.

With 30+ obstacle in each course it is sure to test their balance, strength, coordination and speed.

Have you got an aspiring ninja at home? Hasn’t found the sport for them? Structured ninja classes are run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the school term.

Sessions are ran by real life ninjas who know exactly what it takes and how to get there.

Sessions are $15 casually or discounted when purchased in a block.

Looking for new party ideas? Base Camp have got you covered! 
Offering fully catered Birthday Parties starting from just $26 for 2 hours including a party host, party room, food and drink package. 
Or let them take care of everything including a Ninja Warrior Birthday Cake, party bags and invites for just $33pp.

The fully indoors facility is also newly heated so parents can sit and relax in the warmth with a coffee or a meal from our cafe, whilst the kids are still insight to show off their ninja skills.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 3-6:30pm for just $12
Sat/Sun 10am-4:30pm – 2 Hours only $16.90


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