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Roy Marten Park, Taperoo (Coming July/August 2018)

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With less than 2 months to go before the opening of this amazing upgrade to Roy Marten Park the local kids around the Taperoo area and beyond are in for a BIG treat when this play space opens . With a $6.4million budget there is nothing not to like about this amazing upgrade in Taperoo located right next door to the Fort Largs Police Academy. Whilst the fences are still up and the the work sight is very busy trying to complete this area we still managed to get some sneak peek photos so you can see what is to come.

This huge space will see a mixture of play and fitness areas including basketball and tennis courts and lots of grassed areas for the to run around on.

By the looks of the layout the play equipment has been set out in age groups and incorporates equipment and nature play.For the older kids the equipment is quite spread out and incorporates lots of challenging climbing structures .The main feature WOW looks like a mini Mega Adventure that we see located at West Beach. The older kids are going to love it.

The toddler / little kids area under shade looks nearly finished and appears to be based around a sailing boat theme with slippery dip, climbing ropes bouncy animals and lots lots more.

The park features toilets , BBQ facilities but by the looks will NOT be fully fenced off. Good news for dog owners the reserve also features 2 awesome doggy parks (one for little and one for big) and is the best dog park I have seen. (I thought it was for the kids – oops!)

We will keep you updated when the park is completed.

Military Road, Taperoo

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