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Quiet Time Glitter Bottle

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The Quiet Time Glitter Bottle from Laughing Kids Learn is a great way to have a few moments of peace in your household. It’s a really cute idea, and I’d be interested to hear from anyone who’s tried something like this with their little ones. I don’t know if it’s something that would work for ALL kids, but I’m sure it’d be perfect for many children. Elka loves this sort of thing at the moment and I hope she’ll like it when she gets to that “toddler” stage too! You should definitely head to the Laughing Kids Learn website or Facebook page for even more awesome ideas on sensory play, arts & craft, literacy, numeracy and science. It’s a great resource with some really wonderful ideas.

“…These quiet time bottles are lovely to watch. The glitter softly falls down to the base of the bottle and it is really very calming for the mind.  I also love that it gives children a little something to do when you just want them to have a bit of down time….”



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