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Proud or Perturbed

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There comes a time as a Dad (and right now it seems every other day!) when you’re unsure whether to be proud, or perturbed. I’ll set the scene…..

You’re at the playground (pretty nice little Sunday happening with coffee in hand and kids occupied, paradise anyone?! I digress….) your daughter is testing her boundaries, pushing herself to the limit, unconcerned with the potential consequences of scaling the great heights of the rope pyramid.


That is what I am right there and then. She’s competitive (no doubt) but she’s driven, and although I may need a change of undies post-Sunday sesh (not like they used to be!), I’m proud she’s game enough to climb nearly 10 times her height (whilst I’m unsure I could despite it being only twice my height!).

Then it comes, that special moment, she turns and waves and shouts….’Look at me Daddy, I’m really really high!’

My response….’You sure are! High high up in the sky!’

These are the moments. Lock it away and treasure it foreve…..wait…..she’s still talking….

‘I’m higher than that boy Daddy…..(there’s a kid 3 years older struggling to get past the second rung on the rope pyramid)’

Ok, not too bad yet, she’s only stating the obvious. Probably not playground etiquette, but I’ve heard wors….wait….she’s still talking…..

‘He must have WEAK LEGS hey Daddy! Not like me, I have STRONG LEGS!’

Kapow! There it is, we are now officially talking trash at the playground!

But here is the real quandary…am I still proud? Or am I perturbed? Concerned for her social acceptability? Perhaps she’ll be THAT kid….

Nah, I’m proud! Who doesn’t like a bit of friendly banter to encourage the kids to try harder! The boys now climbing like he’s never climbed before, scaling to the top to prove he doesn’t have ‘weak legs’.Turns out my daughter is a ‘motivator’….or at least motivated, either way, I’m OK with it!


Fortunate Dad to two girls (1 and 3 years old) and husband to an amazing wife. Constantly surprised by how little he knows and how much his kids know, but trying to keep up and not make a fool of himself. Or, sometimes, makes a fool of himself to disguise the fact he has no idea what he’s doing.

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