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Pick your own fruit Mclaren Vale Adelaide

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Pick your own fruit Mclaren Vale Adelaide! This awesome local orchard out the back of McLaren Vale is a fantastic place to take the whole family. I’ve taken family and friends from 2years to 75years to this little Pick Your Own Fruit place at Mclaren Vale and they all had a blast!

Both the kids and adults all have fun filling buckets full of delicious fruit and getting outside to see where and how the fruit grows. The super nice owner I contacted in advance implied that the best of the season was already over, but there was Stacks of great ripe fruit, and looked like plenty still ripening to come (especially the apricots and plums – the yellow nectarines were getting close to the end). Some of the nearest trees were running short of ripe fruit, but about 50m down the rows and the trees were full of fruit.

We were out there for about an hour and even the smallest of us (2 years) managed to pick a lot of fruit as many of the apricot trees had lots of low hanging fruit! We came home with 2 huge bags of fruit (about 20-25litres!)  – mostly apricots, with some plums and nectarines.

We have plenty of fresh fruit to share with family and friends, and I also made stewed apricots for having on breakfast, plus a delicious apricot slice! For $30, we entertained 8 people for over an hour and have more than enough fresh fruit for us all – I consider that a great deal! Not only that, but I really like getting outdoors and showing my kids where their food comes from – this is a great way to do just that! As a great bonus we saw kangaroos, parrots, tawny frogmouths and had a cheeky winery stop as well!

I would phone before heading there just to make sure the owners are there and there is still some fruit left. The guy I spoke with before going gave me the impression there wasn’t much left, but there was still plenty enough for us and I’m sure will be enough for most people for a few more weeks! (jan 9th, 2015)

319 Chalk Hill Rd, Mclaren Vale – leaving Main St, go past all the wineries and about 1-2km past on the left hand side. There are signs or see detailed photo instructions below! 🙂

Call or message in advance on 0401 966 060

Apricots, plums (prunes) & white and yellow nectarines – season varies, but usually late November to late January.

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