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Pavana Park Hallett Cove

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What a great play space this is to allow kids to just be kids. We love Pavana Park playground in Hallett Cove for the wide open space! As soon as you arrive at this playground there is an air of excitement as it caters to a variety of ages. Whilst the the play equipment area is more suitable for toddlers there are a few pieces the older kids enjoyed. The round spinning top being one of them that reminded me of the old fashion clothes line my Nan and Pop had in the backyard. In addition to this the sliding/moving flying fox was also being used by some older kids.

For the younger kids including toddlers the main play equipment is shaded and features quite a few balancing and climbing options. From balancing steps, wobbly rope stairs , normal stairs, a miniature rock climbing wall along with a fireman pole to slide down this play space was enjoyed by the younger ones. Lets not forget the double slippery dip along with the swings to also keep us entertained .

As we moved away from the equipment you also found a half basketball court that was being used by a few teenagers . Next to this was a sliding/ moving skate track which is great for balancing. If this all wasn’t enough the reserve then has a large grassed area that can be used for many ball sports or just to run off some steam.

Pavana Reserve has toilets and BBQ facilities but be aware it is not fenced, however the play space is set away from any streets /road. There is no allocated car park but plenty of space on the streets surrounding the park. A great play space for a picnic or birthday gathering.

Pavana Avenue, Hallett Cove

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