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Parkway Reserve Fulham Gardens

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Located directly behind Target at Fulham Gardens this playground can’t be missed with its bright orange play equipment. With a little something for everyone, the favourite and most obvious piece of equipment is quite a steep tubular slide with the BIG smiley face at the end. Located either side of the tubular slide are 2 more slides with slightly gentler slopes, leaving the kids with a lot of sliding choice.

The main play piece has lots of climbing parts, including a rope net, mini combat, mini climbing wall , stairs poles and lots more. The play area also features a swing set, including a toddler swing, along with a large sand pit with hop on digger for the little ones to use. Situated around the play equipment you will also see little pockets of nature play for the kids to play on including stumps, rocks and lots of grass and trees around.

This playground has no toilets, shade ( besides the trees ) or fence so is very much a local playground or a quick place to drop into if you are in the area. There is a coffee shop in the Target complex along with a Foodland for coffee, drinks or snacks.

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