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Para Wirra Conservation Park

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Para Wirra is the last of the Adelaide parks to have the upgrades completed; new camp ground, Gawler View picnic area and nature play forest.

The park has free vehicle entry for all of May so it’s a great time for families to visit.

There are over 100 species of birds living in the park, including the cheeky emus you’ll see patrolling the picnic grounds. You can see kangaroos grazing at dawn and dusk, and on a warm day bearded dragons and sleepy lizards bask in the sunshine. If you’re in luck you might also spot a short-beaked echidna, a shy creature whose diggings can be found throughout the park.

This park is open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset (the park is open 24 hours to campers via the Eastern gate entrance).

Some of the Ranger Recommended highlights of Parra Wirra include

There’s a walk to suit everyone, whether it is a leisurely stroll on the Lake Discovery Loop, a hike through the spectacular gorges on the Devil’s Nose Hike or embarking on the South Para Grand Hike.

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You’ll love the recently upgraded facilites at the park including a nature play forest, picnic areas, car parks, signage, shared and disability access trails and disability access toilets. Bikes are now allowed on some trails, with grades suitable for families.

at Gawler View and enjoying the Nature Play Forest with the young ones. Afterwards, take a family hike along the Lizard Rock Hike.

BAROSSA GOLDFIELDS walk through a once thriving gold mining area and visit Bowden’s Cottage Museum

WALK YOUR DOG (on a lead) around the shores of the lake. This is particularly beautiful in the early morning and in the evenings before sunset.

CAMP Spend a night under the stars at the Wirra campground, one of the closest camping spots to metro Adelaide. Be sure to bring a good torch to look for wildlife active at night. Situated at the eastern end of the park, in amongst the pink gums, grass trees and hop bush this brand new campground has 19 campsites, including six that are suitable for small campervans, camper trailers and caravans, a toilet (including disabled access), a basic camp kitchen, gas barbecues and fire pits in each camp site for use outside the fire ban season. Click here to book online

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