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Oarsman Reserve West Lakes Shore

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Oarsman Reserve West Lakes is located on the lakeshore on Military Road, West Lakes

Located on the Lake ( so comes with quite a nice view ) this park is great for a broader range of ages. Arriving at the playground you instantly get splashed with an array of colour and excitement looking at this play equipment and what it has to offer the kids.

From lots of climbing pieces, 3 colourful slides, a mini merry go round, a swing set including nest swing, a BIG orange car and lots of grassed area to run around on, this playground is a winner with the big and small kids

The climbing cube seems to be a hit with the older kids as it has high and low ropes with a mini rock climbing wall on the ends. The little ones loved the orange car , the slides ,the merry go round and the little touch elements scattered around the equipment.


This playground has car parking, BBQs with shelter and toilets but Unfortunately this playground doesn’t have shade or is NOT fenced in. You need to mindful it has a main road on one side of the play equipment and the lake on the other so its eyes on the kids ALL the time.

Great thing it does have Oar a great little café right next door that does good food and coffee.

Military Rd, West Lakes Shore

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