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** UPGRADED PLAYGROUND ** Clare Avenue Reserve, Sheidow Park

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Keeping in touch with the environment this upgraded local playground at Sheidow Park is finished and looking great . A small quaint upgraded play space area has been added to the existing reserve and allows the local kids a place to play on the NEW equipment or amongst the existing trees and open grass area. The play ground features a mound slippery dip nestled amongst rocks and shrubs where the kids can choose to climb up on the stairs or the rocks depending on skill levels.

The nest swing is always a favourite and is appearing more and more at these upgraded play spaces. The kids will also find a rope climbing cone shaped piece of equipment along with a sea saw made from a log keeping with its back to nature theme . For the little ones you will find a timber bouncy piece of equipment . Positioned around the play space are logs for the kids to climb and walk along . A concrete path surrounds the play area ready for bikes , scooters or skateboards.

This play ground has NO shade , NO toilets , NO BBQ facilities or NO fence so a nice upgraded spot for a play if you live locally. We love the back to nature theme. Suitable for toddlers and younger school kids.

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