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My Son

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My son’s name is Hudson. He is 1 year old. He is everything I didn’t know I wanted. His mum and I planned having Hudson. We planned his nursery. We planned his sleep schedule, feeding, even the clothes he would wear on the way home from the hospital. Then he was born.

I was asked, what do Hudson and I enjoy doing together?
I enjoy the quiet time together in the mornings, while we let mum sleep a little longer. I enjoy breakfast dance party time, as he bops up and down in his high chair. I enjoy the cheeky sideways glance he tries not to give me as I sneak up on him. I enjoy bubble splash bath time as he plays. I enjoy rocking him when he’s tired. However, Hudson often has other plans. Hudson enjoys morning quiet time to start at 5:30am. Hudson enjoys breakfast dance party / throw food time as I bop up and down cleaning food from around his high chair. Hudson enjoys the cheeky sideways glance he gives me when I am sneaking up on him and he knows I’m about to realize I have to empty the turd from his pants. Hudson enjoys constantly trying to pull the plug out during bubble splash bath time. However, Hudson also enjoys me rocking him when he’s tired, which makes it all worthwhile.

There are activities we both enjoy equally though.

Hudson and I both enjoy racing along the wooden floor boards as I drag him along on one of the throw rugs. We enjoy playing in the sand pit while fending off two huskies that don’t understand personal space. We enjoy swinging in the hammock singing the wrong words to songs in the sunshine. We enjoy playing tag with the robot vacuum while on manual control mode. But most of all we enjoy any chance the three of us have to spend time all together as a family.


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  1. Mohammad ali khajavi

    03/04/2018 at 7:16 PM

    I have lost contact with my son for past 6 month

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