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This is a follow up to my Newborn Baby Essentials post you can read here

We’ve officially left newborn stage and flying towards the end of the first year! We can sit, we can roll, we eat solids (we also poo solids) we sleep in our own room and we’re on the move!

Here’s the items I’ve been loving for this stage of my babies life. I’ll be adding to this post as I find more so if you have any suggestions of things I need to try I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


This baby carrier from MiaMily is a LIFESAVER!

This little one wasn’t always so happy in a baby carrier. I tried about 3 different types when she was born and ALL of them were a total fail, she HATED it!
I realised pretty quickly that she just does not like facing in. Even when I hold her in my arms she turns around every time, so when she was around 6 months I thought I’d give the baby carrier another go, this time facing out and BINGO!
I now use it almost every day, whether it’s ducking out to the shops, hanging out the washing, watching school assembly or getting ANYTHING done on a day when she’s clingy.
I have the MiaMily Hipster 3D baby carrier which you might not have heard about but let me tell you, it’s fantastic.

The main difference to this carrier from others is it’s inbuilt “3D” seat which means her legs don’t dangle and her entire body weight isn’t pulling on my shoulders. The seat also ensures her hips are always in the correct “M” position, even when baby is facing forward, which is recommended by pediatricians.

It’s really comfortable to wear, and as you can see, it’s really adjustable so even her tall Dad can wear it. It’s also really comfortable for her which I know because she would literally spend all day in it if she could. We often comment that we’ve not once heard her cry while she’s been strapped in, she loves it.

There are SIX different ways you can wear MiaMily and it is suitable from newborn (with newborn insert) to 3 years or 20kg. Forward-facing, chest-facing, hip or back carry using no straps or double shoulder straps.

I also love the inbuilt pocket under the seat that’s big enough for your car keys, a spare nappy (or GoNap!), some wipes or even a bottle and there’s a phone pocket on the waistband. They’ve thought of everything.

Read more about MiaMily and shop online at


I use a hook on highchair like this one from Chicco to save space in my kitchen

A highchair is a baby essential and I actually have 2.
We don’t have much room in our kitchen/eating area so to avoid tripping over a highchair I bought a hook on high chair that is attached to our big kitchen table. I had a Chicco one with my 6 year old and it was perfect, so I searched online and found a second hand one luckily.
Phil & Teds also have a version of the same thing you can buy from baby stores like Baby Bunting and there is one very similar to mine called Secure Seat you can get from

This camping high chair is under 50 bucks from Tentworld (click image to buy online)

I also have this really handy camping high chair I picked up from Tentworld. I got it on sale for about 35 bucks! We have an outdoor area that we use a lot so we use it out there but I love that it folds up really easily and we can take it down to the park, over to Nanna’s place or for it’s intended use camping.
You can buy these online at


The best teething gel is available from The Green Dispensary

Teething! Erghk! Can’t they just be born with retractable teeth that go in when your feeding and easily and painlessly glide out when you’re not.
The teething gel from Womens and Childrens hospital IS all it’s cracked up to be. It’s a little bit elusive to find but you can get it from most compounding chemists in Adelaide, I know that The Green Dispensary up in Stirling sell it and there are others around. Try Google-ing it and there are lots of forums with people mentioning where you can find it.


You know we love supporting Aussie businesses ESPECIALLY when they’re Mums and ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY when that Mum is a good friend of mine who’s come up with this great idea!
GoNap is a nifty and super handy all in one change pack with a nappy, wipes and change mat all in the one packet.
Throw one in the car, one in the pram, one in your nappy bag and leave a few at Nanna’s place and NEVER be stuck in a nappy-less emergency ever again! I’m thinking airlines need to sell these stat!

GoNap is also eco conscious which is great. Their bamboo nappies are 61% biodegradable, and wipes and change mat 100% biodegradable, both made of corn starch & biodegrading in less than 3 months.

They’ve also just released GoNap swim which is #genius!

You know we love supporting Aussie businesses ESPECIALLY when they’re Mums and ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY when that Mum is a good friend of mine who’s come up with this great idea!GoNap is a nifty little all in one change pack with a nappy, wipes and change mat all in the one packet. Throw one in the car, one in the pram, one in your nappy bag and NEVER be stuck in a nappy-less emergency ever again! I’m thinking airlines need to sell these stat!Read all about this great new brand and product on their website AND the first 10 people to comment below and be following GoNap on Insta or Facebook will score a FREE SAMPLE!Ps – Ignore background child distraction!! We love you GoNap! ❤️ 👶🏼

Posted by Kids In Adelaide on Monday, 19 November 2018

GoNaps have come in handy FAR too many times than I care to admit to. There’s nothing worse than being caught nappy-less after a poo explosion!
Read more about GoNap and buy online at

Brilliant find! I just turned my U-G-L-Y, hard, concrete VERY baby UNfriendly floor into a crawling/climbing/on the move…

Posted by Kids In Adelaide on Tuesday, 19 February 2019


My house is covered in hard flooring, we only have carpet in the bedroom and when you have a baby learning to crawl and then walk, this is NOT ideal. There is A LOT of falling, face planting, slipping and crashing that happens when you learn to move and it can end up nasty!
Foam mats are really popular to cover hard floors where baby will be but they’re normally pretty ugly and not necessarily something you want to have out on display all the time.
Enter Splash of Salt – premium play mats that look like a designer rug! Brilliant idea!
They’re nice and thick (1.2mm) easy to put together, available in different designs, colours and sizes, easy to clean and LOOK GREAT!


I was given a picnic rug for a baby present with my first child and we used it literally to death. At the park, at the playground, in the backyard, at birthday parties, camping.
This time around I’ve got this magnificent beast of a picnic rug/mat from Kollab. It’s HUGE, it’s water resistant, it folds up easily and you can wipe it clean. WIN!
You can buy online from Kollab or I got mine from Island Collective (who’s online store is ahhhhhmazing so I’m sorry if you go in for one thing and end up with ten)

Spring Leaves pram liner from from The Nappy Bag Store


There’s no denying it, babies are messy little critters.
Crumbs, sultanas, spew, drool and sometimes poo. It’s a messy messy world. So I suggest if you want to get max life out of your pram, invest in a good pram liner. It might sound silly, but they’re not all created equal. The first one I bought was constantly coming off, getting in the way, slipping down – it was really annoying.
So I traded it in for this really nice one from
It’s padded and comfy, if fits well, stays in the right spot and it doesn’t get in the way when I’m folding up the pram.
Plus they come in some really cool patterns with some “not too babyish” options.
Get one from


My advice…..don’t bother with toys, or at least don’t bother with too many of them.

Don’t bother. Honestly in a 1 on 1 battle between the latest plastic spinning light up toy and a wooden spoon……..wooden spoon wins every time!
Sit her in front of a tray of sand, a bowl of nick nacks or little puddle of water, and she’s happy as Larry.
Somewhere along the line you’ll be given toys as gifts, or hand me downs from friends so spend your own money on other things.

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I received some of the products in this post free of charge for the purposes of a product review however as for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above is honest and in my own words

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