MumKIND Adelaide Mother’s Day Appeal

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For Mother’s Day this year, MumKIND will package up hundreds of special parcels made up of kitchen essentials like baking trays, mixing bowls and spoons etc. These ordinary items will enable families across our state to prepare and share a homemade meal together AND THEY NEED OUR HELP!

The Mother’s Day 2017 MumKIND appeal

Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday 14 May 2017… Mums across the country will be lavished with gifts and have a delicious breakfast presented to them, or a nice home-cooked dinner in the evening.

But….. too many Mum’s, will go entirely without reward, or celebration & certainly they’ll go without a lovingly prepared home-cooked meal. Some families don’t or cannot produce home-cooked food because they simply don’t have the essentials to do so; they don’t have chopping boards, wooden spoons and mixing bowls etc.

Many of the women that MumKIND supports have quickly left their previous home, with little more than the clothes on their back & their children under arm. From there, they may slip in & out of homelessness or crisis accommodation. Some find more permanent housing & hopefully in time, through layers of support, they will find somewhere more permanent to put down roots, and make into a family home.

However, a house does not become a home simply because it’s a roof over-head. It becomes so when it feels safe and secure, when families spend time there together, living their life and making good memories.

One of the most wonderful & beneficial activities to enjoy as a family is to make and share a home-cooked meal; the benefits are many and varied. There’s learning about food, there’s a creative process, an edible & rewarding result, there’s conversation throughout; all of this is important to building a positive future as a family unit.

So how can WE help?

Next time you’re at the shops throw in a few extra food-storage containers (tupperware), tea towels and/or icetrays that you can donate to MumKIND for them to include in their parcels.

Then take them to your nearest drop off centre at any of the below locations before April 25.

Abbott Pathology – any collection centre across SA Australia. Find your local one at
Glenelg Football Club – Gliderol Stadium
Foodwise Organics – Jetty Road, Largs Bay

The MumKIND team is also working behind the scenes to form a partnership with a local homewares retailer who will help us with the supply of the other items that make up the parcels including mixing bowls, wooden spoons and baking trays.

“Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people”

Who is MumKIND?

MumKIND was established in July 2014 with the aim of showing kindness, doing good, and demonstrating care and compassion to mothers across South Australia, who desperately need support.

Motherhood is the most enormous of responsibilities, the biggest of challenges and the most all-consuming of roles any woman will ever take on. Unfortunately too many women are doing it alone for a variety of extreme reasons. Some are escaping domestic violence, some are unemployed and too many are homeless. Children are put to bed cold, hungry and these families are uncertain of what tomorrow will bring.

MumKIND has formed partnerships with social service agencies in South Australia, to assist and care for local mums and their families. They don’t replicate the work of these important agencies, we play a small but meaningful role working with them to in partnership to add a further layer of care.

At four key times throughout the year, MumKIND reaches out to our network and to our followers via Facebook and Instagram to source material items that we then collate, package and lovingly distribute.

Further to this, they collaborate throughout the year with other groups and charities to deliver special projects that bring joy and comfort – particularly on special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter. And sometimes, just because kindness is never wasted.

There’s a team of people who work behind the scenes to ensure that this all comes together – it’s amazing what extraordinary things we can achieve when we work together.

For more information or to get in touch with MumKIND

Like them on Facebook @mumkindness
Follow them on Instagram @mum_kind

Kate Earl from MumKIND

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