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Mulcra Avenue Reserve Park Holme

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Well this was a pleasant surprise when I stumbled across this lovely little local play space nestled in the streets of Park Holme near Morphettville.

Based on a nice sized grass area the instant attraction to this playground is the separated areas that cater for a variety of ages. The first thing you notice set back off the road is the play area situated towards the centre of the park, which is built around a mound. Fabulous for the adventurous ones who want to climb the rocks or use the designated steps to reach the top.

On each side of the mound is a slippery dip, one dual slide and 1 single. Around the base of the mound this area of park also features a sand play area and a spider web climbing frame along with a swing set with baby seat and regular seat.

As you move back closer towards the street the playground features a cute little toddler area. My 16 month old loved this area.
Our favourite piece of equipment here was most definitely the big purple wobbly bus. I can tell you right now there are only so many times you can sing the wheels on the bus with enthusiasm. Also in this area you will find a mini spinning wheel and a one other piece of equipment.

Behind the toddler area is a basketball/tennis court so lots of areas to cater for a variety of ages. Plus it also has lots of grass to run around on as well.

Unfortunately this is very much a local park as there are NO toilets, NO shade and NO fence.

Such a shame as I love this playground area. I find it a little quirky and a little different to other playgrounds. Worth a look if you are looking at nearby playgrounds at Hendrie St or Appleby Road Reserve

Mulcra Avenue Reserve, Park Holme

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