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Mount Remarkable National Park

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If you are a camping type of family, this is for you – pack the gloves and hats and embrace warmth to your winter and explore this magnificent park – there are often many free family friendly events to get involved in. The park is always open except in fire hazards.

A 4 hour drive from Adelaide, Mount Remarkable National Park is an ideal place to take the family.

There’s lots of diverse wildlife and campgrounds with good facilities. The park is a popular destination for bushwalking, with trails for all ages and abilities and camping too!


These trails cater for all ages and levels of fitness, varying in length and difficulty from challenging overnight treks and the long distance Heysen Trail to the easier and shorter walks at Alligator Gorge and Mambray Creek.

Recommended for kids

Easy walks

  • Ali Lookout Walk (15 mins return, 400m)

    A short and easy walk with spectacular views of Alligator Gorge below.

    Access: Alligator Gorge.

  • Gorge Lookout Walk (20 mins return, 600m)

    A short and easy walk with spectacular views of the Alligator Basin.

    Access: Alligator Gorge.

  • Mambray Creek Walk (1 hr return, 3km)

    An easy walk through Red River Gums and native pine forest. The trail links the Day Visitor Area and the Mambray Creek Campground.

    Access: Mambray Creek.

  • Wirra Water Loop (30 mins return, 1.6km)

    This interpretive section of the Mambray Creek Walk explains the importance of water in the area as you explore rocky river beds.

    Access: Mambray Creek.

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Moderate hikes

  • Alligator Gorge Ring Route Hike (4 hrs return, 9 km)

    Follow the full length of Alligator Gorge. Uneven and loose gorge floor.

    Access: Alligator Gorge

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The Willowie Forest trail network is a soft adventure, mountain bike trail opportunity that can also be used by walkers. The historical forest access tracks offer cyclists the chance to ride trails of varying distance from the smaller Echidna loop to the longer Monitor Loop that follows along the foothills of the Mt Remarkable Range.


  • Echidna Loop (1.7km loop)

    A short loop from the car park that circles formerly cleared cropping land of the farm.

  • Possum Loop (4.2km loop)

    A loop trail that heads north out to the park boundary then connects to the Melrose – Wilmington Rail Trail and returns south to the car park.

  • Monitor Loop (6.5km)

    A loop trail which meanders along the foothills of the Mount Remarkable Range. The trail crosses several shallow watercourses and reaches the highest areas of Willowie Forest.

  • Kookaburra Trail (2.5km)

  • The Kookaburra Trail provides the chance to travel from the Rail Trail through the native bushland and connect with Kookaburra Creek Bush Retreat that neighbours the park.


A variety of camping sites and cabin sites available for a true camping adventure! Be sure to check details for your requirements here


A trip to a National Park is not complete without great picnic facilities and this park does not disappoint. Picnic and barbeque facilities are available at the Mambray Creek Day Visitor Area and Blue Gum Flat. There are no rubbish bins in the park so please take your rubbish with you.


There is a variety of facilities available in the park.

  • Wheel chair accessible toilets, baby change room and hot showers can be found in the Mambray Creek campground.
  • Basic toilets facilities are available at the Baroota Ruins campground, Mambray Creek Day Visitor Area, Grays Hut, Blue Gum Flat and at Alligator Gorge.
  • Picnic and barbeque facilities are available at the Mambray Creek Day Visitor Area and Blue Gum Flat.
  • Non-potable rain water is available at numerous locations throughout the park.
  • Communal fire places are available at the Baroota Ruins, Mambray Creek, Native Pines and Red Gums campground grounds. Collection of firewood is not permitted in the park and you must bring your own firewood with you. Campfires are not allowed during the fire danger season.
  • There are no rubbish bins in the park and you must take your rubbish with you when you leave

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