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MOD Adelaide

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MOD. is Australia’s leading future-focused museum, provoking new ideas at the intersection of science, art and innovation.

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Visitors will be welcomed to the space with a mix of diverse and sensory activities catering for a wide range of prior knowledge and capabilities. There are spaces for doing, not just seeing. And different ways of getting involved to ensure tangible impacts for young people.

There is an inhouse cafe and shop where you can grab a bite to eat and shop for products inspired by research, science and design.

Opening Hours

  • 12pm-6pm Tues-Thurs
  • 12pm-8pm Fri
  • 10am-4pm Sat-Sun

What’s on? Currently: Augmented Reality Art Masterclass with Sutu click HERE for more events

North Terrace adjacent Morphett Street Bridge, Adelaide

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