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Mitcham Reserve

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Mitcham Reserve is getting a makeover!

Here’s what we know so far….
The new playground will follow the popular nature play theme we’ve been seeing (and loving!) there will be a mixture of nature play, adventure play and some standard equipment.

City of Mitcham have posted some progress photos on their Facebook page today (November 28, 2018) and it looks really cute! Is that a wooden rocking horse I see???

Image credit: City of Mitcham Facebook page
Image credit: City of Mitcham Facebook page
Image credit: City of Mitcham Facebook page

Mitcham Reserve is a beautiful park with a small, tidy playground and wonderfully kept grounds. There is plenty of space and shade for large groups to spread out and enjoy a picnic. There’s also BBQ’s available, plus a lovely creek to add to the ambience. Kids will enjoy the opportunity to run around and kick a ball or play chasey in large reserve. It is not fully fenced, but does have wheelchair access, toilets and plenty of parking. There are also lots of different locations with swings, I’m not sure why the swings are so spread out but at least everyone can have a go!

Mitcham Reserve

The park is about a 5 minute drive from Mitcham shopping centre so you can always hit the movies before the playground or grab some picnic food and enjoy it in the park.

Mitcham Reserve

Where? Corner Old Belair Road and Norman Walk, Mitcham

My local fave: The Edinburgh Pub is very close by and has a big beer garden. It’s a family friendly place, but can get quite busy with 20-somethings sometimes so if you’re planning on taking a large group make sure you book ahead. Great food though!

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