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Mindfulness Mandalas for Mums and Babes

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The meaning of mandala comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘circle’ and is a representation of the universe. They are A LOT of fun to create and children just love colouring them in!

So…this is an activity for Mums and Babes on those cold, wintry days when all you want to do is be quieter, calmer and drink cups of tea! You don’t need much to get started, just a compass, eraser, pencil, ruler, white paper and nice artline pen. Plus colouring in pencils for your little ones. You can buy all of these very simple items from your local stationary shop.


So, Mum’s…be warned this activity is highly addictive and you may find yourself making mandalas for all the neighborhood children as well!

Start by ruling up your paper as follows:

  •  Circles first…any sizes as long as you use the same compass point
  • Rule your circle grid into eights…they do need to be equal, otherwise your mandala will look uneven the bigger it gets

  • Then create the same pattern in each grid, using the points, lines and intersections for reference (I find it easy turning the paper around as I go).

If you are unsure of your marks, use a lead pencil first and once you are happy, go over your lines with an artline pen – as all things look better with a black outline!

Then…pass on your artwork to your little ones for them to colour in as they would still be sitting in amazement next to you watching you create your mandala. A team art work!! If you are anything like me, then you will instantly start on your next mandala!

Namaste X

PS. My 13 year old son LOVES creating mandalas, so share the love with your big people too!

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I am a Mum of three gorgeous teenage boys, residing in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. As a visual arts teacher I am surrounded by creative, young minds that continually astound and inspire me. I love being active and enjoy holding Sister Circles in the Hills than enable women to connect, find clarity and calmness in their lives. “The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands” Leonardo Da Vinci

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