I recently picked up one of the new Maxi Cosi Euro car seats with ISOGO fittings from the awesome folks at Baby Junction. I was keen to check out the ISOFIX enabled fittings since my car has these fittings and we travel a lot. Getting a car seat correctly fitted in a range of hire cars, family and friends’ vehicles can be a real pain when traveling, so I wanted to see how easily the seat can go in and out of a car with the new fittings.

Maxi Cosi Euro with ISOGO

Maxi Cosi Euro with ISOGO

I won’t get into a long review about which car seat is the best, safest, coolest looking or has the best drink holder, but I will tell you what I think about it and why I LOVE the new ISOGO enabled Maxi Cosi Euro. Firstly, I want to be straight up about my understanding about the safety factor on ISOFIX – I believe that ISOFIX is not any safer than the standard seat belt installed car seats and does not make a properly installed car seat any safer by using ISOFIX. However, according to the experts the majority of seat belt installed car seats aren’t installed correctly in Australia, and the ISOFIX attachments are simply easier to install correctly. They have a great visual (green/red indicator) and audio (clicking) mechanism to make it easy to ensure it’s correctly fitted! This is one of the main reasons why we got this car seat – because we travel a lot and it makes putting the seat into hire or friends’ cars much much quicker and easier do correctly.


In short – it is super quick to fit to a range of cars we have used in the initial test. In addition, I really like the feel and features of the seat and my son seems to really like it – most of the time he falls straight asleep when he gets in! The Maxi Cosi Euro suits babies from birth to approximately 12 months in the rearward facing mode, and then easily flips around to cater for toddlers up to 4 years (approx) in the forward facing mode.

So, after the first week’s use of the Euro for our 6 month old on our travels, my initial thoughts (good and bad!) are:

  • Overall I really love this car seat!
  • I feel like my son is very comfortable and he usually goes to sleep very quickly after we set off!
  • The materials are super nice and plushy. It also seems to breathe well and doesn’t get too hot even though it’s quite ‘hugging’ around my son.
  • I love the easily adjustable head support/side impact edges that can be adjusted up and down with a couple of clicks rather than undoing all the straps and taking the seat out etc. you can also move the harness up without needing to take the whole seat apart!
  • It is really easy to switch the Maxi Cosi Euro between the rearward facing mode and the forward facing mode thanks to a simple flip of the ‘baseplate’ and ISOGO straps.
  • Designed with the child’s safety in mind, I feel like the seat protects my son and like the comfy yet secure 5 point harness and the very protective side impact feature.
  • The flexible ISOGO fittings are super easy to fit and tighten to get the green confirmation indicator (the indicator moves from red to green – see pics).
  • The ‘foot cover’ that I thought would never need has come in very handy to keep the little man warm on the trip to freezing Canberra!
  • I’m not sure how long my son will be in the rearward facing mode as he is only 6 months old and already starting to look too long for the sest facing backwards! He is tall though so maybe others can last until 12 months like their guide states.
  • The main thing that I’ve found that I haven’t loved straight away is that the seat’s flexible ISOGO fittings don’t hold the car seat in the same completely rigid and immobile way that the properly secured seat belt installation does. However, while the seat may be capable of some slight movement when installed using the ISOGO fittings, I understand that this doesn’t mean it’s any less secure than when installed using the seat belt – it’s just something to get used to.

Stay tuned for the follow up review in a couple of months after I’ve used the seat for a bit longer and tested it with my toddler too. If you’re thinking about the best car seat for your family, I can recommend this Maxi Cosi Euro with ISOGO fittings – it’s quick to install, super comfy, made from nice materials and seems very safe and secure. I can also thoroughly recommend you go visit the folks at Baby Junction as they have absolutely wonderful service, very helpful advice and all the best gear for your baby and toddler needs!