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Marion Outdoor Swimming Pool -Open for 18/19 season!

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Located on Hendrie Street, just off Oaklands Road in Park Holme, Marion Outdoor Swimming pool is a hidden gem! I swim here a few times each week and absolutely love it. It’s super clean, which is pretty important to me as I find swimming difficult enough without choking on a BandAid halfway through a freestyle stroke!

The grounds are lush, with plenty of trees, shelter and shade. The main pool is a 50m lap swimming pool, with room for older kids, or kids with supervision, to play in half of the pool. On the weekends more than half of the main pool is used for recreation and there is often a HUGE (and I mean huge!) inflatable obstacle course placed into the pool for kids to clamber over (and exhaust themselves so you can have a good night’s sleep!).

Image from www.marion.sa.gov.au

The Marion Outdoor Pool offers a waterslide which is 70m long and full of fun!

The tower rises up to a 10m platform, where users ride through a 15m enclosed tunnel with spectacular translucent colour bands. The tunnel rounds the corner and changes to an anti-clockwise downward spiral of open air slide for the remainder of the ride. The ride concludes when the rider splashes in to the run-out trough.

 Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday 6.00am – 8.00pm
Saturday 7.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday 8.00am – 6.00pm
Public Holiday 11am – 5.00pm

There are also two other pools, both covered with shade sails, one is an infant pool and one is a toddler pool. The swimming centre is always supervised by friendly, enthusiastic staff and the shower and toilet facilities are large, clean and have plenty of room to change babies, kids and yourself. You can also enrol your kids in swimming lessons- or even have a go  yourself and join the Masters swimming training or something more low-key if you prefer.

Alternatively, if you just want a cool, relaxed, shady place to hang out with your kids then this is the place to be. The kids will love it!

Other facilities include a BBQ area, canteen and swimming equipment store (for all your flipper, goggles, floaties, kickboard and swim cap needs!). It’s a great place to go on the weekend of after kindy or school. I think this location suits all ages and if you have older kids, there’s a skate bowl right next door to the swim centre. You can also check out the new wetlands opposite Hendrie Street, on Oaklands Road. These have just been completed and have a great boardwalk, playground and BBQ facilities too. Not to mention all the cool wildlife you can glimpse!

Check out the Marion Outdoor Swimming Pool prices and opening times (which are amazing!).



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