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Maldon Ave Reserve Playground Mitchell Park

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The Maldon Ave Reserve Playground is a hidden gem! We discovered this little beauty when riding along the Sturt River Linear bike path. Located between Marion and Sturt roads (or find it in a car as the Maldon Ave Reserve).


It’s a relatively well shaded area with play space for a good range of ages, including a slide, swings (incl birds nest swing), a few climbing options, noughts & crosses, and a lovely natural landscape. A free BBQ is available, water bubbler and a basketball ring also. There’s fitness equipment (called an ‘Intergenerational Playground’ – my Fave part!), which is suited to and aimed at people of all ages, really reinforcing the “fitness for all” theory. Being close to the Sturt River Linear Park it makes a nice start/end point for a family bike ride – there is also a small jump close by near the river for those inclined 🙂
A great park – the major downside being no toilets, but toilets are found nearby at the Warriparinga Wetlands area are available.

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