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Lime Scooters – Get Around Adelaide on an eScooter Now

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Check this out! Lime Scooters are small, electric scooters that are now in Adelaide for a one month trial over the festival period. Never heard of them? Neither had anyone else until last week when nearly 500 of them turned up in the Adelaide CBD for anyone to ride around town! With rides from $1 we are sure they will be getting some use too.

The electric Lime Scooters are in Adelaide from mid February to mid March as decision makers in Adelaide work out whether to allow them to continue on for a longer period. Perfectly timed for getting around the CBD for Fringe and everything else going on in town for the next month. If you’re looking for Fringe shows check out our picks here

Unless your kids are adults themselves, you’re not going to get the whole family out on a Lime Scooter as they are limited to users 18 and over, but they will make for a fun way of getting to the Garden of Unearthly delights and back to the bus after seeing a show with your friends this month! If you’re after a way to make a little spare cash this month you can also consider becoming a ‘charger’ – picking up the low battery scooters and charging them at home before returning them to use – more info on the app.

1. Download the Lime Scooter app
2. You can use the promo code RJV5HOL for a FREE first ride
Or add some credit using the app. Rides are $1 to start then 30c/1 min of use.
3. Use the app to find a nearby Lime eScooter and scan the QR code on it to unlock the scooter and get going!
4. When you’re done, park the scooter in a safe and appropriate place and be sure to ‘end ride’ on the app to lock the scooter and end the charge.

Apparently 10 people were pinged by police in the first weekend so make sure you follow the rules such as those detailed by SAPOL below.
Please take care when around pedestrians or other footpath users – a number of people in other cities have ended up in hospital from their use!
Be sure to wear a helmet (most of the scooters have them attached, or BYO)

Lime Scooters are all over the world so you may
have seen them in other cities before!

The following guidelines were noted by the SA Police regarding the Lime e-scooter use:
* only scooters hired out by Lime may be used – personal devices such as electric roller skates or electric scooters cannot be used
* be 18 or above to ride one
* wear an approved helmet
* you can only use one in the Adelaide CBD or riverfront precinct
* do not travel at a speed greater than 15km/h
* ride with all due care, attention and consideration for all other road users
* where a road has more than one lane, is signed at over 50km/h or has lane markings you may only ride on the footpath
* you may not ride abreast another scooter or vehicle
* warning must be given to pedestrians to avert any danger
* keep to the left on pedestrian crossings and give way to pedestrians
* do not use a mobile phone
Users should also be aware that normal alcohol and drug testing rules apply and police can test anyone riding one of these scooters. Riders found to be drink/drug driving could lose their car licence and have their personal car impounded for 28 days.
The use of any other kind of electric personal device, other than the electric scooters that are being hired out, is still illegal.
The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure e-scooter trial internet page ( has more useful information regarding the use of these electric scooters.

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