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Largs North Oval Playground

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Victoria Road

By accident I came across this play space when in the area. Very much a local little playground attached to the North Haven Footy Club. Fully fenced this playground features a mixture of equipment catering for a few ages but mainly little ones. The large climbing wall frame is a huge feature and is the main piece that caters and challenges the older kids. The toddlers and early school years are the ones that benefit the most from this playground and you will find your usual fun pieces with a swing set and slippery dip.

You will also find a few pieces for the little ones to climb on and up which is always good for their development. A few of my favourites at this playground are the bouncy motor bike which is great for imaginative play, the bouncy sea saw and the mini merry go round. Majority of the play equipment is covered by shade and outside the fenced area you will find a sheltered picnic table and BBQ. There are NO toilets at this playground. Provided no sport there is lots of  grassed area for the kids to run around,do hand stands or kick balls.

I wouldn’t drive across town for this playground but handy little stop if you happen to be or live in the area.

In need of a coffee there is a little café up the road on the corner of Centre St and Victoria Road.


Victoria Road Largs North

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