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Klemzig Recreation Reserve

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Located right behind the OG Hotel this playground is great for all ages. The play equipment is quite spread out but has a handy area for the little ones, some nature play aspects , flying fox , slides and loads and loads of climbing pieces. The climbing pieces are the main attraction of this play space and are great for a wide range of ages and abilities. Featuring lots of equipment to climb up, over, and through – from monkey rings, ropes, spider webs, rock climbing – it has it all. Lots of energy to be burned and lots of challenges along the way. Certainly can’t get bored quickly in this area of the playground.

The playground also features a mound slide where the kids climb the peak to use the slide. Located right next to the slide is a double flying fox that has 2 seats including a safety seat with buckle. This allows the smaller kids or kids with disabilities to also have a go. Next to the climbing frames the kids will also find a swing set along with a spinning wheel.

The smaller kids’ equipment area is all together and will keep the little ones happy. Brightly coloured it includes a swing set including baby swing, a dual slippery dip, some smaller climbing pieces including a small tunnel along with a bouncy animal. All with a nice soft landing.

As a bonus, the reserve also has cricket nets, public tennis courts, lots of space to ride scooters or bikes and has lots of grassed area for the kids to play ball or run around on. There are picnic table with shelter and BBQs to use and across the grass a there is a toilet. There is a car park located off OG road and whilst there is a fence covering OG road unfortunately it is not FULLY fenced on the other side. The play equipment is SHADED. Pack a picnic or why not head to the OG pub right behind the reserve for lunch.

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