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Kirkcaldy Reserve Grange

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Located on the River Torrens this reserve in Grange caters for a few different age groups and has 2 separate play spaces as part of the same reserve. As you first arrive at the car park  you will see play equipment more suited to older kids featuring a stand up flying fox, climbing structure that includes various rope climb obstacles, a mini rock climb wall that all lead to the platform to get down the slide. This play area also has swings including a nest and baby swing along with a couple of brightly coloured spinning tops the little ones can enjoy.

As you venture a little further along the path there is a smaller toddler play area that features a cool pirate ship theme with lookout, mini tunnel and slide. You will also find a bright coloured fun roundabout along with another swing set. Its kind of cool for the little kids to have their own space so the older kids feel they have a bit of their own freedom but can still be seen from a distance.

Kirkcaldy Reserve also features a half basketball court and is great for riding bikes and scooters as well as feeding the ducks. Unfortunately this playground is NOT fenced and you need to be careful with little ones as its close to the river. It has toilets near the toddler play equipment, shaded picnic/BBQ area but NO shade over play equipment.

A nice little play area to cater for all the family, just be sure to keep a close eye on the kids with the nearby river.

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Kirkcaldy Avenue, Henley Beach

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